Diana Pollin

Dec 5, Je suis Oklahoma

Recently…Beautiful, educated, articulate, culturally diverse and you cannot make them any dumber. That sums up the light of the weekend morning talk shows, Melissa Harris Perry in full social justice warrior regalia. I am willing to bet a hypothetical subscription to the New Yorker Magazine that Ms Perry has never experienced a day of prejudice of the go to the…

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Dec 1, Pocahontas, mon amour GASP

This is a confession and a plea for attenuating circumstances surrounding the crime of political incorrectness and cultural appropriation. Given the riot over Halloween costumes at Yale, I will in the best Marxist tradition of autocritique, admit that I once dressed up as a pilgrim when the weighty issue of Halloween was considered a minor but interesting exercise in developing…

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Women Writers and The Erotic

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Coming soon …

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