Short fiction


Short fiction Is indeed a very complicated art.

The storyteller has 10,000 words or less to say what the novelist can say, at his leisure, over hundreds of pages.

A message must be delivered, lyrically, poetically, even provocatively, and must be delivered short. Short fiction is a slice of life, or, judging from the popularity of vampires, werewolves and other ghouls, a slice of afterlife. I am not complaining. As a teen, I loved a good scary tale and sought the company of Bradbury, Black, Stoker, Lovecraft, le Fanu, when my friends were giggling over Hobbits and emoting with Scarlett O’Hara. (yes, I am that ancient). Later on in life, I dreamed of becoming a writer of weird tales whose objective was to pose deep questions of life choices and dilemmas. And be taken seriously.

Other tales readers can find are of the classic literary fiction variety. Many have been published on line and you will find links. In another section, the reader is directed to Kindle for a free ebook of short fiction, “Running From Mary Jane.” I would enjoy and invite reader comments and criticism. For these, please go to my blog.



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