Published stories

Agile Lier (Kiss the Witch, Sein Und Werden)

A lover blackmails her paramour in a cheap hotel. Highly experimental.

The Lady of the Lambs (63 Channels 2008, Danse Macabre DM 40, Bewildering Stories BWS #356, 10/12/2009, Anemone Sidecar chapter 6) Herr Berman, a collector of fine art, has just negotiated the purchase of a Madonna when the devil gives him a portrait of his daughter.

The Erl King (DM 07/28/2010) Hans is helping the demon Cheese give Jewish children to the Nazis, but Hans has a damning weakness that gets the better of him.

The Condor and the Lizard (DM#39,BWS#436 06/27/2011) Julie has her life cut out for her -teaching at a good private school before marrying the rich young man of her parents’ dreams. A strange vision upsets everything and warns her to flee.

L’Embarquement pour Cythère (DM#40,BWS#413 01/03/2011) My tribute to German expressionist cinema of the 20s and 30s. Watteau’s painting hanging in the Charottenburg museum in Berlin is the focal point of the fantasy tale.

The Vampire (DM#51) A proem

Mel the Rose of Tralee Flash Fiction (MicroHorro 11/14/2008) The ultimate transformation of girl boxer into snake

Extreme Makeover (BWS#331 04/06/2009) Flash Fiction, experimental

Good Writing (BWS#389 06/28/2010) Debra, a teenage girl in high school, has always been in conflict with her father. Her cousin Danny in revealing the secret of good writing, opens her eyes to the source of the conflict.

Gray Lines on White Paper (BWS#348 10/08/2009) Martin and his father Philip are at antipodes. They can agree on only one thing – the pleasure of doing crossword puzzles. A strange request from the father might have bonded them, but doesn’t.

Night Shift (BWS400 09/13/2010) Marion Peters is a deeply religious young African-American woman. A mysterious stranger convinces her to love herself before loving others.

Tamerlane’s Snuff-Box (BWS#322 01/26/2009) A comic tale of a sporting bet between the devil and an old abbey involving a beautiful young woman and her elderly husband. Set in France.

The Bloodless (BWS#362 09/23/2009 Abjective 12/19/2009) In the British Isles, an old priest of Indian origin is dying. His deathbed confession will make many squirm.

My Name is Simon Newell, Blacksmith…(Abjective 01/30/2010) Newell is a master ironworker who gets a very profitable but dangerous request one evening.

Rachida and the Kingdom of the Immediate (Abjective 07/11/2009) The inner mind of a woman waiting to be examined for breast cancer.

Hebe At the Bar Flash Fiction (Abjective 01/24/2009) experimental. Hebe was Zeus’ cup bearer.

Poinsettia (Abjective 11/21/2009) A leading lady receives a poinsettia before the part that will make or break her career, Lady Macbeth. The plant conjures memories for her.

Easter Parade (Abjective 04/11/2009) A Russian Jewish refugee takes his American born child to the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade.

Isolde’s Death (Anemone Sidecar Chapter 17) A young prison guard helps an Auschwitz detainee to escape.