JAN 5, With The Huffingly Post Proclaim…

A post Christmas thought from a friend on Facebook about material success and God’s blessing through the (ahem )priestly medium of the Huffington Post, which, might I remind readers, is a brainchild of Ariana Huffington, multimillionaire spouse of Mr. H and in the good graces of PC, or patently celestial. So here goes. My friend, a Christian, beating the HuffPost drum towards the road to salvation, laments the confusion of material success with spiritual grace, citing the HP’s recounting of a telephone conversation in which one speaker says he is blessed because his business had registered unprecedented success during the past year. Horrors! The chicken of worldly riches as reflection of divine benevolence somehow escaped the old twist of the Father Punisher’s mighty wrist, to peck on the greener pastures of success, alas, bragged about. The other speaker reminded him, in the cyber-tabernacle of the HuffPost, that blessings are not measured in vile lucre, but in…well, but before I reprint my comment, I would like to reproduce the finger wagging title of the article

The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying. I could write a sonnet about that hypocritical Easter bonnet, but I think the expletive UGH would suffice and let my reader take it up from there.

Almost as good is the second part of the article heralded by the phrase: God is not a behaviorial psychologist like DUH

Here was my comment (with which my Christian friend eventually agreed) Yes, but a blessing is not a one size fits all package. I could say something about the demographics of Huff Post readers and contributors but will refrain. Winning the State Lottery is in all probability a mega blessing to a family living in a trailer park, and if God enters the picture as the Great Responder, who are we in the Huff Post intellectual class to say it isn’t true? The point is that a blessing is or can be the fulfillment of a wish or the cancelation of a need.


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