The Days of Whine and Pink Vaginas and deep streep throat

Hysteria according to the Online Etymology Dictionary (Why isn’t it Etymological? Are adjectives politically incorrect? ) means suffering in the womb, and damn those Greeks for getting  so patriarchical about hissy fits and womanly parts; although the happy state of hysteria is all about diversity, proving vaguely, very vaguely that if nowadays one does not have to have a womb to be called a woman, one does not have to be NOT hysterical to be called a man. A week ago, the undulations and ululations of the thick snake of marchers across cities of America brought the Springlike sight of the cross between a ski bonnet and what Aunt Rodhie might have knitted in pink for the Old Gray Mare if that ole filly had not left these pastures for the other one in higher climes. Well, according to some of my internet friends, they were kinda cute and I am sure the kids in Bengladesh slaving over their knitting machines to produce them as a rush order are slated for an extra Tootsie Roll as the end of the year bonus – what ? no Tootsie Rolls in Bengladesh ? OK, but apparently the one size fits all really fitted all except for those more adventurous souls who went the whole hog and dressed as vaginas, of all things ! And even that caused somewhat of a stir. since  in a hurt no feelings crowd, those who are uncertain as to whether they are male, female or seahorse, claimed that vaginas are not the sole province of what was once called the female sex and those wearing the cute pink vagina costumes duly apologized. Wickedly, I wondered if there weren’t any biology teachers slogging it out.  Slogans also abounded. There were as many gripes and groans as there were different definitions of what we used to go to the attic to explore, but no matter, the Stellar Complaint was to make sure that Planned Parenthood slated funding should not be aborted, a cause, my friend, that has ever shaken the topless towers of Illium, and I hope you are reading as many double entendres in that last Marlow quote as possible. Performances from on the celebs;  the phoniest in (insultingly exagerated) Southern accent from Ashley Judd in some sort of race of who can shock the most. The fair lady must have boned up on her Freud since there was a strong infusion of incest hovering above her “I am a nasty woman” harangue (also an idiot) and the aptly named Madonna revealed under the influence that she thought of bombing the White House, good luck with that. So, aside from Planned Parenthood (a legitimate cause, but one somehow lacking in scope compared to Vietnam and Civil Rights of yesteryear ) and the primal scream against Orange is the new Black is the new Orange, what moved all these people to brave hostile temperatures and march ? Madonna ? Judd ? MMoore ? Who knows ? Perhaps it was some latterday coming of rage ceremony wherein all generations bind together to fight Haley’s Comet. To top it all, a few days following the cry from the heart, Meryl took the podium at an LGBT fund raiser (was she wearing Givenchy ? Lauren ?) to try her hand at historical metaphorizing, neatly stating that she has been “targeted” (like who hasn’t ) by “brownshirts and bots,” (I assume she means boots) and I puked. This is the woman who rose to fame playing the lead in Holocaust and SHE is being targeted. i respected Ms Streep once for her demeanor, elegance and intelligence; and now, although she has not bent to the level of primal screamers, she is not far.  Just what is she trying to prove ? OK, we get it, they all hate Trump. Go home and take a bath. Or maybe they are all in a conspiracy against the ailing Democratic Party, alas, associated with the primal screamers to such an extent that all the commotion is designed to keep a Republican lock on government for years to come.

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